Cobra Formula 1

The FIA Formula 1 world Championship is regarded as the pinnacle in global motorsport, as it has the best designers and technical challenges that no other formula possesses.

Entering F1 is a huge undertaking and not just for financial reasons, from infrastructure to employing the correct personel, it's imperetive that targets are met and resources are available to achieve success for the team and our members.

We understand the complexities and realities of entering the F1 World Championship and because of these glaring challenges, we have detailed and specific plans in achieving our aims. Regulations will change dramatically in the coming years which have been well publicised, but many are not set in stone, however, they're heading in the right financial direction for new entrants and possible manufacturers.

Some teams have opted to buy in many components from other teams and companies enabling operating overheads and staff are kept to a minimum. This saving on development and infrastructure has a positive impact on the team's finances and in some cases is the only route to the grid and company sustainability. If regulations still permit, Cobra will also begin it's F1 campaign using this model whereby our team will utilise products from other teams and companies to create a base for which we can work from and take further.

With the right global support, Cobra is aiming to have enough funding from our subscribing members and partners, to bring in a new PU's manufacturer for 2026. F1 currently needs more engine suppliers in the sport with only Ferarri, Mercedes, Renault and Honda, with the latter leaving after 2021, it couldn't be more important. For example this could be Cosworth or Ilmor as they have both previously indicated interest in F1 providing it had the right partner to share the burden of cost in development.

Imagine the feeling of winning our first race... Imagine winning our first drivers & constructors title... imagine being able to say, I am part of that team!