Cobra Formula 4

The Formula 4 Championship was launched by the FIA as part of its "Global Pathway" and is designed to bridge the gap between karting and Formula 3. It's therefore the first step for any driver wanting to progress from karting to single seater racing.

Designed for drivers from the age of fifteen, Cobra's aim is to progress with its young drivers up through the ranks of open wheel racing. By selecting the best drivers from the karting team, we aim to move up to the British Formula 4 championship.

Cobra Formula 3

The F3 Championship is a collection of the best young talent the world has to offer in single seater racing and is used by many F1 teams to help their protege graduate to F2 and possibly further. All cars have a standard Dallara designed chassis and aero package that enables the championship to showcase the most gifted drivers on the grid. When Cobra reaches the milestone of preparing an application into F3 championship, the team will already have a wealth of experience from karting and F4 racing.

F3 will be a huge platform for the team to flex its muscles as a proven business model, that in turn will gather further European and global members as greater visibility will be achieved through various forms of TV subscriptions and publicity.

Cobra will run identical livery from Karting through to F1, which will be a unique aspect to our team. This is important to us as a brand and our sense of "family" within the Cobra team that will enable our drivers and employees to always feel comfortable as we grow together towards the next chapter of F2.