Sim racing and esports have been growing in global popularity over recent years and the recent pandemic has only accelerated the participation to even higher levels. There are various sim and esports gaming platforms and iracing is one of the largest in the world. Pro esports teams, many sponsored by real Formula 1 teams, compete in competitions all over the world and prize money for winning can be well over a million dollars.

In many cases, top aspiring drivers can find themselves racing against current professional drivers such as Lando Norris, Max Verstappen and also sim racers such as Jimmy Broadbent and SuperGT Steve Brown. This opportunity offers great appeal to anyone that has an interest in motorsport who can't necessarily afford a karting career or higher realms of single seater racing.

Many sim drivers have progressed from their sim rigs to actual on track open wheel racing. Cobra Racing will observe our registered members racing in sim competitions to find the highly motivated and competitive individuals we need to strengthen our team.

If you're interested in sim racing, Cobra Racing highly recommends iRacing which has over 170,000 users worldwide in various forms of motorsport. We will produce a Cobra Racing livery for selected formulae, which will be available to download to all members. You may find yourself racing against one of our scouts testing your every move!

Anyone that becomes a member of Cobra Racing and has raced successfully in iracing, may be asked to join a test day or take part in our race weekend karting events held throughout the year in the UK.