Cobra Karting

Karting is a vital stepping-stone for anyone wanting to make it as a professional racing driver. It will teach you basic skills, like awareness on track and how to manage your speed in different situations.

It takes a long time to mould somebody for high level pressures in competitive racing and that's why lots of the F1 managers look at go karting.

Our team's first aim is to enter a two-kart team in the Club 100 karting championship, racing across the UK and even Europe. This team will consist of the best drivers we can recruit drawn from our existing driver talent pool.

Throughout 2021 and onwards, Cobra will organise Karting competitions at selected venues in the UK, so If you have indicated on your application form (#JoinTheTeam) that you, your son or your daughter participate in a particular sim or form of open wheel racing, then you may be selected to join our race weekend competitions. Members will be welcomed from all over the world to compete for a place in our team and depending on levels of global interest in Cobra, we will hopefully be running similar competitions in different country's to make the selection process easier.

Every racing team wants and needs success and Cobra Racing is no exception. Points, podiums and wins for all our drivers is the objective. Over time we will be able to strengthen our academy, that we carefully select on merit and merit alone. Cobra racing, like many other professional teams, will nurture such talent for our drivers to progress within the Cobra family to the next level of open wheel racing.