Welcome fellow motor-sport fans, to a brand new and exclusive members only motor racing team, Cobra Racing, which aims to put its members in the driving seat, literally!

For many enthusiasts, simply watching racing is not enough and the need for diversity, opportunity and more females, especially in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship is vital for the sports future. Cobra Racing will bring motorsport even closer to the fans, by offering the chance to join our exclusive club to build a powerful racing model to challenge the establishment.

Cobra Racing, supported by traditional business partners and sponsors, will enter various forms of open wheel racing through our unique and ground-breaking members only subscription package. This model is simple: the more subscribing members we have the quicker and stronger our/your team will be!

Our aims are quite specific: to assemble a talent pool of the best up and coming racing drivers in the world and then compete in some of the most challenging race series on the planet; namely field a two car/two driver team in various European karting championships, the FIA Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships and then ultimately, a two car/two driver team in the FIA Formula 1 world championship.

With the current global Covid-19 pandemic and rise in the need for something to look forward to each month, there is no surprise subscriptions have grown to new heights in popularity around the world. Cobra Racing will capture motor racing fans imagination, to support a team to become a force to be reckoned with.

So, if you're talented behind the wheel, would like to support diversity, equality and opportunity, or if you're simply a motor racing fan wanting to feel part of an exciting racing team...